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Fall 2010 Press Conference Series

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Subject: Fall 2010 Press Conference Series

In keeping with President Ramirez’s objectives of transparency and accountability, SGC-MMC will facilitate the fall 2010 press conference series. The Press Conferences will be held in Graham Center 150 from 3pm to 5pm, on the following dates; the 24th of September, the 22nd of October, the 12th of November and the 3rd of December.

The first portion of the press conference will be a summary of SGC-MMC’s progress in addition to a brief overview of the objectives for the following month. Additionally, there will be a brief overview of the progress and objectives of governing councils at MMC, as well as a short summary of SGC-BBC’s progress and objectives. The first portion of the press conference will last no more than fifteen (15) minutes, and will facilitated by SGC-MMC Press Secretary Dean G. Williams.

The second half will be a question an answer segment, providing members of student media and the student body present an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns and desires, which members of student government present will address. This segment of the press conference will last no longer than forty-five (45) minutes.

For more information on the fall 2010 Press Conference series, please contact SGC-MMC Press Secretary Dean Gabriel Williams at, or stop by SGC-MMC’s office in Graham Center, Room 211. See you at the Press Conferences!


August 2010 Press Conference

August 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Press Secretary Williams facilitated a slide show presentation, which detailed the accomplishments of the council during the 2010 summer term. If you would like to receive the slide show presentation for further review, please submit a request to at your convenience.

Graduate Senator Emas addressed issues as it pertains to graduate funding and advocacy. Press Secretary Williams is in the process of organizing a Graduate Constituency Press Conference, tentatively scheduled to take place in the coming week. Once this special press conference takes place, a memorandum, detailing the issues addressed, will be sent out in a timely manner. For more information on the Graduate Constituency Press Conference, send requests to

Coordinator Torres made general comments about Panther Rage’s agenda for the ensuing academic school year, citing programs and incentives geared towards increasing attendance at athletic events as the primary objective of the committee.

Coordinator Masieri spoke in detail about revisions to the existing website, citing a marketing strategy aimed at streamlining many aspects of SGC-BBC and SGC-MMC’s websites. Coordinator Masieri mentioned that the transition to the new website should take place sometime during the fall semester, pending workload in publications.

Issues as it pertains to public safety were addressed. President Ramirez mentioned that SGC-MMC will be facilitating a Public Safety Forum sometime during the fall semester, at which members of the student body will have an opportunity to voice their concerns to FIU Police Chief Bill King. President Ramirez also informed those present of her new role within the Florida Student Association as Vice Chairwoman of Internal Affairs and Finance.

Questions were raised about issues pertaining to International Student Affairs and Sustainability that, unfortunately, could not be answered at the Press Conference. Coordinators Shillingford and Waters, respectively, have been notified and will be submitting statements that will address the questions/issues raised. Once Coordinators Shillingford and Waters complete the previously aforementioned statements, they will be remitted to student media in a timely fashion.

Other issues addressed include revisions to the student handbook, student accountability, incentivizing student surveys, the launch of a meeting/event panning resource on SGC-MMC’s website, the completion of a student lounge at the Engineering Center, and issues pertaining to the planned Student Support Complex. Should you require additional information on any of the aforesaid issues, please, send a formal request to