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Press Release: New Cheers and Songs/Pep Rally

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Press Release

The Student Government Council at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (SGC-MMC) at Florida International University (FIU) is co-sponsoring a “New Cheers and Songs Event.’

Miami, Florida (30 August 2010)—SGC-MMC’s Panther Rage Committee, in conjunction with FIU’s Department of Athletics, FIU’s Marching Band, FIU’s Dazzlers and the Residence Hall Association is facilitating a ‘New Cheers and Songs Event’ on the 9th of September in the Residential Housing Quadrangle from 6pm to 7pm.

This event will provide students the opportunity to learn the new cheers and songs for the first football game scheduled to take place on the 11th of September at 8pm in the FIU Football Stadium against Rutgers University, and for the rest of the 2010 Football season. Students will have the opportunity to see FIU’s marching band and dazzlers perform live. Additionally, there will be numerous giveaways as well as free food and drinks!

“When I was confirmed as Panther Rage Coordinator during the summer 2010 term” notes Panther Rage Coordinator Alessa Torres, “one of my short term objectives was to form partnerships with Departments, Governing Councils and Organizations campus that will provide Panther Rage with the tools necessary achieve its objective of impressing the importance of school spirit and pride upon the student body.”

“The collaboration,” continues Coordinator Torres,  “between SGC-MMC’s Panther Rage, FIU’s Department of Athletics, FIU’s Marching Band, FIU’s Dazzlers and the Residence Hall Association, in facilitating this event marks a continuation of a very exciting start to the academic school year, and is an indicator that the formation of partnerships will greatly assist SGC-MMC’s Panther Rage Committee in achieving success.”

“SGC-MMC’s Panther Rage Committee” mentions Panther Rage Public Relations Coordinator Krizia Baltodano, “is fresh off the heels of the success of the Heat Stroke Pool Party. The members of the Committee and myself will take with us that initial enthusiasm and success and utilize it to create events to engage the student body, sparking increased interest in university athletics.”

When questioned about Panther Rage’s transition from Governing Council to Committee within SGC-MMC, Panther Rage Coordinator Daniel Fernandez notes, “As a member of Panther Rage for over two years, I am excited about the successes and all of the wonderful opportunities that the now Panther Rage Committee is experiencing. The ‘New Cheers and Songs Event’ is one in a series of events that SGC-MMC’s Panther Rage Committee will facilitate throughout the academic year in efforts to get students pumped and excited about athletics.”

“As the now Spirit Coordinator of SGC-MMC’s Panther Rage Committee,” notes Joshimar Garcia, “I will most certainly be present to invigorate students, getting them prepared for the excitement and success that will be the 2010 Football season.”

For more information on the ‘New Cheers and Songs Event,’ please contact Panther Rage Coordinator Alessa Torres at, or Panther Rage Coordinator Daniel Fernandez at We hope to see all of you at the event!


Press Release: Heat Stroke Pool Party 2010

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Press Release

The Student Government Council at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (SGC-MMC) at Florida International University (FIU) will facilitate the 5th annual Heat Stroke Pool Party on the 28th of August 2010.

Miami, Florida (23 August 2010)—On the 28th of August, the Panther Rage Committee of SGC-MMC will facilitate its first official event of the year! The free, blue and gold themed, 5th annual athletic season kick off event will take place in the housing quadrangle from 12pm—6pm.

“My fellow FIU Golden Panthers should be excited to attend this outdoor event,” explains Panther Rage Event Coordinator Joshimar Garcia, “because it presents an opportunity for them to witness school spirit in action. Alongside the free food, drinks, giveaways and music, both new and returning students will have an opportunity to learn more about the players, the teams, and the strategies that the Department of Athletics has implemented in order to take the teams to further heights.”

Event Coordinator Garcia continues by noting that “I want my fellow FIU Golden Panthers to get excited not only about the new school year beginning, but to also get pumped in anticipation of the football season. My excitement over this event stems from my un-ending school spirit, which I hope to impress upon students in attendance,” and further notes that “…this is what I look forward to the most; the opportunity to display my school spirit for others to see and experience. All of the members of the Panther Rage Committee feel and know that the Heat Stroke Pool Party is an amazing, exciting platform upon which to achieve this objective.”

“As a member of Panther Rage before its transition from governing council to committee within SGC-MMC,” mentions Panther Rage Coordinator Daniel Fernandez, “I can honestly say that while the journey has been difficult, it has been rewarding. I have seen Panther Rage become not only more efficient in the planning and execution of events, but a more solid, focused organization with pointed objectives.” Coordinator Fernandez continues by noting “as a committee within SGC-MMC, Panther Rage has an increased access to a plethora of resources that makes the objective of the development and advancement of school spirit more attainable.”

When asked to compare last year’s Heat Stroke Pool Party to this year’s upcoming event, Coordinator Fernandez says, “This is an event that has been facilitated by Panther Rage for the past five years. While the event has always been quite a success, there are a few factors that ensure increased success this year, including increased visibility through SGC-MMC, the increase of students living on campus this during the fall 2010 semester, the level of commitment that the members of the Committee have displayed in planning the event, the marketing strategy employed, and most importantly, the increased participation of the Department of Athletics.”

On the relationship between the Department of Athletics and the Panther Rage Committee, Panther Rage Coordinator Alessa Torres mentions, “the Department of Athletics has reached out to us because they are aware that, as a part of SGC-MMC, the Panther Rage Committee has access to resources and a marketing strategy designed to engage the student body. The Department, like SGC-MMC, is eager to increase attendance at athletic events, which makes the product of this relationship strong enough to achieve this objective, but flexible enough to account for shortcomings and obstacles.” “While SGC-MMC cannot disclose information as to the students who were in attendance at the event in 2010, we can mention that,” Coordinator Torres notes, “students will be excited and invigorated by what they will experience.”

“The name ‘Heat Stroke Pool Party,’ ” mentions Coordinator Fernandez “ is a brilliant marketing strategy devised by Panther Rage. ‘Heat Stroke,’ while seemingly an odd name for such an exciting event, it was perhaps devised as an analogy to the weather conditions in Miami. While the members of the Panther Rage Committee will encourage attendees to stay hydrated by providing free drinks, we cannot ensure that attendees will not becomes overwhelmed with school spirit and the camaraderie of fellow FIU Golden Panthers.”

When asked about the general purpose of the event, Panther Rage Public Relations Coordinator Krizia Baltodano notes, “While the emphasis is often on Football, the objective of this event is to make students aware of the Department of Athletics at FIU in general.” Panther Rage Marketing Coordinator Oliver Diaz-Neda agrees, mentioning “While Football is often the sport that may place increased emphasis on, we cannot stress enough that the purpose of this event is to celebrate the level of athleticism present at FIU. An ideal example is Baseball. Over the summer 2010 semester, our baseball team achieved Sun Belt Champion status and made strides in the collegiate finals. Most of our athletic teams participate in their relative sports at the highest divisions. Even more, most of our athletes are not only accomplished sportsmen and women, but accomplished scholars as well. We will all be in attendance at the Heat Stroke Pool Party to celebrate athleticism at FIU at its finest hour.”

Overall, the members of the Panther Rage Committee have been planning and preparing all summer and are looking forward to facilitating the 5th Annual Heat Stroke Pool Party on the 28th of August from 12pm-6pm in the housing quadrangle. See you then!