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Press Release: The Senate has renovated and relaunched the Finance Committee Dashboard

Press Release
The Senate has renovated and relaunched the Finance Committee Dashboard

Senate Speaker Hector Mujica and Senator Patrick O’Keefe have committed themselves to the full transparency for the student body.

Miami, Florida (28 February 2011) — The Finance Committee Spending Dashboard is re-launching this spring under the management of Senators Mujica and O’Keefe.

In the efforts of the SGC-MMC Senate to continue our Open Government Initiative and update the student body on its financial expenditures, the Senate has renovated and relaunched the Finance Committee Spending Dashboard, which is located and available to the entire student body on the SGA website. The new dashboard is user friendly and displays all of the information pertaining to each request.

To access the new Finance Committee Spending Dashboard, please visit: http://go.fiu.edu/ae8

Finance Committee Chairman O’Keefe has reassured the Senate that the committee will maintain the dashboard and update it on a weekly basis so that the student body can be aware of the Finance Committee’s activities.

“After consulting with Speaker Mujica, we decided this would be the best way to continue full transparency for Senate and potentially a learning tool to groups prior to submitting a request for funds.” said Senator O’Keefe, “I hope that by combining advocacy with transparency, we can serve FIU students in the best way possible.”

“This dashboard displays our Senate’s commitment to procure fiscal responsibility and operational transparency to the student body,” said Senate Speaker Mujica.

It is our hope that the students will utilize this dashboard to keep us accountable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Senate Speaker Mujica at hmuji001@fiu.edu.

Additional Information
For additional Information, visit our website at fiu.edu/~sga. You may also follow us on Facebook; keyword “FIU Student Government Association.” You may also contact SGC-MMC Press Secretary Andrew Vaz at avaz001@fiu.edu.

About Florida International University
Florida International University is Miami’s 1st and only public research institution of higher learning. Serving nearly 40,000 students, FIU is amongst the 15th largest Universities in the nation, boasting 12 Colleges and Schools that offer in excess of 200 Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Professional degrees. With over 100,000 Alumni living and working in South Florida, the impact that FIU has had on the local community is incalculable.

About the Student Government Association at FIU
The Student Government Association at FIU affords students the opportunity to cultivate their leadership skills by serving as adversaries between University Administration and the student body, hence gaining valuable experience in governance and stewardship. With over 40 senators, 60 cabinet members, 20 committees and 40 interns, SGA provides a challenging yet sustainable environment in which students can contribute to student life and in turn, the university community.

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