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Press Release: Resignation of SGC-MMC Senate Speaker William-Jose Velez


TO: SGC-MMC Senate

SGC-MMC Executive Branch

SGC-MMC Supreme Court

SGA University Wide Council

FIU Student Media

FROM: Hector Mujica, Senate Speaker

DATE: February 2, 2011

SUBJECT: Resignation of SGC-MMC Senate Speaker William-Jose Velez

On February 1, 2011, SGC-MMC Senate Speaker and Senator for the College of Engineeringand Computing William-Jose Velez submitted his resignation to both offices to focus on hisacademic work for the Spring 2011 semester.
“I have had to make the difficult decision to step down from my positions in order to be able tofully focus on my academics,” said Velez. “I do so confident that Senator Hector Mujica will doan extraordinary job as Speaker and that the Senate will continue its work on the many reformswe began this year.”

As per the line of succession detailed in the SGC-MMC Statutes and the SGA Constitution,Speaker Pro Tempore Hector Mujica will now assume the position of Senate Speaker effectiveimmediately, while Finance Committee Chairwoman Cristina Loreto will assume the role ofSenate Speaker Pro Tempore.

Velez added that “it was a great honor and the highest privilege to be able to serve the studentsof the College of Engineering and Computing for the last two years and as Senate Speaker sincesummer 2010, and I want to thank the students for giving me this great opportunity, as well asthe Senate for allowing me to represent them until now.”

The Senate thanks Mr. Velez for his endless and passionate service to this organization. He hasbeen a great asset and has contributed in countless ways to assure that the student body andcampus life continues to improve and be Worlds Ahead.

The time and date for the selection of the new Finance Committee Chair as well as the newSenator for the College of Engineering and Computing will be announced shortly. All future official business and inquiries regarding the SGC-MMC Senate should be directed to SenatorMujica at hmuji001@fiu.edu.

Additional Information
For additional Information, visit our websites at fiu.edu/~sga, fiusga.wordpress.com and facebook.com/fiusga. Youmay also call our office in Graham Center, Room 211, at +1.305.348.2121.
About Florida International University
Florida International University is Miami’s 1st and only public research institution of higher learning. Serving nearly40,000 students, FIU is amongst the 15 largest Universities in the nation, boasting 12 Colleges and Schools thatoffer in excess of 200 Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Professional degrees. With over 100,000 Alumni living andworking in South Florida, the impact that FIU has had on the local community is incalculable.
About the Student Government Association at FIU
The Student Government Association at FIU affords students the opportunity to cultivate their leadership skillsby serving as liaisons of the student body to the University Administration, hence gaining valuable experiencein governance and stewardship. With over 30 senators, 20 cabinet members, 10 committees and 20 interns, SGAprovides a challenging yet sustainable environment in which students can contribute to student life and in turn, theuniversity community.
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