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Joint Senates Meeting Minutes: January 31, 2011

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus



Joint Senate

January 31, 2011

I.                    Welcome & Call to Order at 5:35pm

II.                 Roll Call

a.       Adam Do Amaral

b.       Alexander Barrio

c.       Amanda Jimenez

d.       Carlos Rodriguez

e.       Chris Cabral

f.        Christina Marinos (Absent)

g.       Cristina Loreto (Absent)

h.       Daniel Gonzalez

i.         Daniela Gonzalez  (absent)

j.         Dillon Arango (Absent)

k.       Donovan Dawson

l.         Erika Edwards  (Ex. Tardy at 6:08pm)

m.     Hector Mujica

n.       Janice Rubio (Excused)

o.       Jesus Borrero

p.       Macarena Jimenez (Absent)

q.       Moses Aluicio (Excused)

r.        Patrick O’Keefe

s.       Ranshan Gomez   (Absent)

t.        William-Jose Velez

u.       TJ Liguori

v.       Rachel Emas

w.     Mohammed Aman

x.       Odette Barrientos

y.       Samir Patel

z.       Nicola Petival

aa.   Janet Reyes

bb.   Clement Giraneza

cc.   Jamie Baker

dd.   Brian Ortiz (Absent)

ee.   Fabio Pineda

ff.     Helena Ramirez

gg.   Alina Gonzalez

hh.   Octavio Mella

ii.       BBC

III.               Senate Speaker Report

a.       Approved draft of Cash Balance at UWide; 2/14 meeting at the Engineering Campus; considered to pieces of legislation today; wordpress.com has the minutes & legislation; vacant seat for the CBA (Velez)

b.       1/26 Ice cream Social; 2/16 Love Your Senator; filled new seats; working on Resolutions (BBC Speaker)

IV.              Speaker Pro-Tempore Report

a.       Meeting with VP for online students status (Mujica)

V.                 Executive Report

a.       Athletics campaign; 2/19 W Basketball at 4pm and Men’s at 7pm; 2/26 Men’s Basketball at 7pm; 4/15 Baseball; 4/16 Cross Country; 5/6 Softball at 6pm (Halpin)

b.       First Generation Scholarship Reception; $30,000 goal without state match; text 105306 to 73774; specifically assigned parking for Housing for an addition fee (Gonzalez)

Move to go into the Committee of the Whole [Mujica] (Passes)

VI.              Senate Reports

a.       2/8 event at the Engineering Campus (Reyes)

b.       Working with Donovan to get students to work with professors for research projects (Borrero)

c.       Hosted MYD à successful (Dawson)

d.       Working with dean; newly elected (BBC A&S Senator)

VII.            Unfinished Business

a.       Ad Hoc committee [O’Keefe]

b.       Next UWide is on 2/18 TBA

c.       Elections & Finance Code [Emas]

d.       Discussion on UWide Statutes

Move to end discussion as committee of a whole [Daniel Gonzalez] (Passes)

e.       Allocation of constituents and senate seats [Emas]

f.        Online status of students [Mujica]

g.       Revising Article II of the Constitution on the payment of officials [Emas}

VIII. Adjournment at 6:46pm


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