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Senate Meeting Minutes: October 25, 2010

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus



October 25, 2010

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 4:00pm

II. Roll Call

a. Adam Do Amaral

b. Alexander Barrio

c. Amanda Jimenez

d. Carlos Rodriguez

e. Chris Cabral

f. Christina Marinos

g. Cristina Loreto

h. Daniel Gonzalez

i. Daniela Gonzalez  (Tardy)

j. Dillon Arango (Absent)

k. Donovan Dawson

l. Erika Edwards

m. Hector Mujica

n. Janice Rubio (Excused)

o. Jesus Borrero

p. Joanne Myler

q. Kevin Gonzalez

r. Macarena Jimenez (Excused)

s. Moses Aluicio

t. Patrick O’Keefe

u. Ranshan Gomez

v. William-Jose Velez

w. TJ Liguori

x. Rachel Emas

y. Mohammed Aman

z. Odette Barrientos

aa. Samir Patel

bb. Nicola Petival (Tardy)

cc. Matthew Mockridge

dd. Janet Reyes (Excused)

ee. Nicholas Autiello

ff. Helena Ramirez

gg. Alina Gonzalez

hh. Octavio Mella

III. Approval of Minutes

Move to approve October 18 meeting minutes [O’Keefe] (Passes)

IV. Senate Speaker Report

a. Did not attend the AIPAC conference

b. Senate reports due by October 31, 2010 went to Intern  Retreat

c. New SGA website

d. Dean resigned today

e. Submitted midterm report

f. Contacted by William from USF

V. Senator Pro-Tempore Report

a. Went to Intern Retreat

b. Welcome interns

c. UWIDE this Wednesday at 8pm in the Conference room

d. Reaching out to other senates from different schools

VI. Comptroller Report

A. Reviewing September’s GC report

VII. Finance Committee Report

a. Meeting tonight at 8pm

b. Reviewing Finance Code

VIII. Chief Justice Report

a. Receiving emails about decisions

IX. Executive Report

a. Athletics FAU game this Saturday

b. Tickets available at the stadium

c. New Student Lobbying Coordinator

Move to bypass Senate and Committee reports and move into Old Business [Aluicio] (Passes)

X. Old Business

a. SR 1057 – To Reform  the Auditing Process for SGC-MMC

i. Adam Do Amaral – Yes

ii. Alexander Barrio – Yes

iii. Amanda Jimenez – Yes

iv. Carlos Rodriguez – Yes

v. Chris Cabral – Yes

vi. Christina Marinos – Yes

vii. Cristina Loreto – Yes

viii. Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

ix. Daniela Gonzalez – Yes

x. Donovan Dawson – Yes

xi. Erika Edwards – Yes

xii. Hector Mujica – Yes

xiii. Jesus Borrero – Yes

xiv. Joanne Myler – Yes

xv. Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xvi. Matthew Mockridge – Yes

xvii. Mohammed Aman – Yes

xviii. Moses Aluicio – Yes

xix. Odette Barrientos – Yes

xx. Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xxi. Rachel Emas – Yes

xxii. Ranshan Gomez – Yes

xxiii. Samir Patel – Yes

xxiv. TJ Liguori – Yes

xxv. William Jose Velez – Yes

25*0*0 (Passes)

XI. New Business

a. Trial of Comptroller Maria Rosa Blanco

Move to have 5 minutes to review the evidence being submitted [Daniel Gonzalez] (Passes)

Move to extend the meeting 15 minutes [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to end debate [Aluicio] (Passes)

Guilty or Not Guilty

i. Adam Do Amaral – Guilty

ii. Alexander Barrio – Guilty

iii. Amanda Jimenez – Guilty

iv. Carlos Rodriguez – Guilty

v. Chris Cabral – Guilty

vi. Cristina Loreto – Guilty

vii. Daniel Gonzalez – Guilty

viii. Donovan Dawson – Guilty

ix. Erika Edwards – Guilty

x. Hector Mujica – Guilty

xi. Jesus Borrero – Guilty

xii. Joanne Myler – Guilty

xiii. Kevin Gonzalez – Guilty

xiv. Matthew Mockridge – Guilty

xv. Mohammed Aman – Guilty

xvi. Moses Aluicio – Guilty

xvii. Nicola Petival – Guilty

xviii. Odette Barrientos – Guilty

xix. Patrick O’Keefe – Guilty

xx. Rachel Emas – Guilty

xxi. Ranshan Gomez – Guilty

xxii. Samir Patel – Guilty

xxiii. TJ Liguori – Guilty

xxiv. William Jose Velez – Guilty

24*0*0 (Passes)

Move to extend the meeting for 15 more minutes [Cabral] (Passes)


i. Adam Do Amaral – No

ii. Alexander Barrio – Yes

iii. Amanda Jimenez – No

iv. Carlos Rodriguez – Yes

v. Chris Cabral – Yes

vi. Cristina Loreto – No

vii. Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

viii. Donovan Dawson – Yes

ix. Erika Edwards – Yes

x. Hector Mujica – Yes

xi. Jesus Borrero – Yes

xii. Joanne Myler – No

xiii. Kevin Gonzalez – No

xiv. Matthew Mockridge – No

xv. Mohammed Aman – Yes

xvi. Moses Aluicio – Yes

xvii. Nicola Petival – No

xviii. Odette Barrientos – No

xix. Patrick O’Keefe – No

xx. Rachel Emas – Yes

xxi. Ranshan Gomez – Yes

xxii. Samir Patel – Yes

xxiii. TJ Liguori – No

xxiv. William Jose Velez – Yes

14*10*0 (Fails)

Move to table the rest of the items on the agenda [Emas]  (Passes)

XII. Adjournment at 6:30pm


Meeting continued on November 1, 2010

XIII. Call to Order at 4:00pm

XIV. Trial of  Comptroller Maria Rosa Blanco à SR 1062

Move to add in paragraph 3 Council of Modesto A. Maidique [Emas] (Passes)

Move to change in paragraph 4 from found unanimously to unanimously found [Barrio] (Passes)

Move to bypass the second reading [Rodriguez] (Passes)

Move to have unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [O’Keefe] (Passes)

i. Adam Do Amaral – Yes

ii. Alexander Barrio – Yes

iii. Amanda Jimenez – Yes

iv. Carlos Rodriguez – Yes

v. Chris Cabral – Yes

vi. Cristina Loreto – No

vii. Erika Edwards – Yes

viii. Hector Mujica – No

ix. Jesus Borrero – Yes

x. Joanne Myler – Yes

xi. Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xii. Mohammed Aman – Yes

xiii. Moses Aluicio – Yes

xiv. Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xv. Rachel Emas – Yes

xvi. Ranshan Gomez – Yes

xvii. Samir Patel – Yes

xviii. TJ Liguori – Yes

xix. William Jose Velez – Yes

17*2*0 (Passes)

XV. Adjournment at 4:16pm

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