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Rules, Legislation and Judiciary Committee Meeting Minutes: October 25, 2010

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus



October 25, 2010

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 1:34 pm

II. Roll Call

a. Adam do Amaral- PRESENT

b. Jesus Borrero- PRESENT

c. Rachel Emas- PRESENT

d. Ranshan Gomez- ABSENT

e. Hector Mujica- PRESENT

f. William-Jose Velez- PRESENT

III. Old Business

a. To Reform the Auditing Process for SGC-MMC

i.   No problems with bill’s alignment with Constitution and Statutes

ii.      When Statutes are changed later, look at Section 5.05.b, 1st sentence

IV. New Business

a. Making Saturday by 5:00 p.m. a deadline for returning legislation back to the Sponsor of the legislation and the Rules Chair

i.      Vote: 4-0-0

ii.      Forward edited version to Sponsor, Clerk, and RLJC Chair

iii.      Include “revised by NAME on DATE”

b. Brainstorm Committee Goals to return to Speaker Pro-Tempore Mujica

i.      Reform Statutes for Constitutionality, format, grammatical and spelling errors, and consistency in terminology

ii.      With returning legislation to sponsors by Saturday, provide feedback to legislation’s Sponsor in time for revisions before Senate

iii.      Reform Statutes section on RLJC

iv.      Define online courses (by campus and proportion of credit hours) with regard to SGC positions

c. Using Speaker Velez’ new structure to reform Statutes

d. Create a folder of Statutes and amend it as needed, with regard to new format

e. Contact info (phone numbers) of all committee members

V. Announcements

VI. Adjournment at  2:09 pm


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