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Council Bill SR 1061: Operational Review Committee Adjustment Act of 2010

Agenda Item: Operational Review Committee Adjustment Act of 2010 Date: October 25, 2010

Committee: Operational Review Committee

Sponsors: Moses Aluicio, College Arts and Sciences; Chris Cabral, Arts and Sciences; Joanne Myler, Honors College; Donovan Dawson, College Arts and Sciences;

Operational Review Committee Adjustment Act of 2010


This bill may be cited as the “ORCAA – 2010”


The purpose of this bill is to modify the Statutes related to the Operational Review Committee’s operations by bringing practice into policy.

SECTION III. Modify Section 5.01 (v)

Section 5.01 Committee Structure

(v)        Committees shall meet at least twice a month to conduct business. The minimum number of monthly meetings shall be determined in each standing committee’s description listed in the SGC-MMC Statutes. Attendance and minutes shall be recorded by the Vvice Cchairperson, distributed and filed with the Clerk of Council in the SGC-MMC office within 48 hours of the meeting’s adjournment.

SECTION IV. Modify Section 5.05 Operational Review Committee

Section 5.05 Operational Review Committee

(a)        The purpose of the Operational Review Committee (ORC) shall be to audit student organizations and entities that are directly funded by the Student Government Association through the student Activities and Services (A&S) fees to ensure that they are being used properly in accordance to the Student Government Finance Policy. This committee also holds the power and responsibility to investigate all organizations and/or entities, including the SGA that are questioned and/or challenged by Student Government officials as well as the entire FIU student body concerning the use or misuse of A&S monies.

(b)        This committee shall have the power to audit an entity at least twice a semester. When reviewing and investigating funded entities this committee shall utilize and be in accordance with the Florida Sunshine State Laws, the Student Government Finance Policy and any other written document that holds relevance and significance with a particular review case. If there is no written statute that can aid the committee during a review process, then the committee shall utilize past year’s reports, data, and results of the use of monies by the entity under investigation. The ORC shall have the power to request and obtain any and all documents deemed fit from the organization/ or entity during an audit. These shall include, but shall not be limited to, receipts, panther card swipes, estimated budget, actual budget or real money spent, estimated attendance, actual attendance of event, overall outcome, as well as documents of past year’s data if in fact the event or project occurred in previous years.

(c)        This committee shall have the power to write legislation about an already investigated organization or entity in regards to how the entity used or misused A & S monies. The legislation will be brought before the entire Senate for final vote. It will then be used as a guide or piece of evidence for the budget hearings at the end of the spring semester.

(d)       The ORC shall also have the power to check the Finance Committee when allocating A & S fees improperly in accordance with the SGA Finance Policy as well as any other necessary document. This shall include, at least one representative of the ORC attending every Finance Committee meeting receiving and reviewing bi-weekly reports from the Finance Committee, in addition to and working with the Comptroller on the legalities of every request for A & S funds submitted to the Finance Committee. This committee shall also handle all post event, post travel forms and all other documents necessary when requesting and obtaining information about an entity appropriated money by the Finance Committee. The documents will then be presented to the entire Senate as a form of review and guide for appropriating future A & S dollars to the same entity.

(e)        The ORC shall have the power to aid the Student Government Comptroller in checking/ monitoring all SGA officials’ use of yearly budget.

(f)        The ORC shall meet at least once a month..


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