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Student Advocacy Committee Meeting Minutes: October 14, 2010

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus
October 14, 2010

I. Welcome and Call to Order at 4:20
II. Roll Call

1. Amanda Jimenez- Excused
2. Carlos Rodriguez- Present
3. Janet Reyes- Present
4. Odette Barrientos- Excused
5. Samir Patel- Present
6. Patrick O’Keefe- Present

III. General Discussion
A. Governing Councils

1. Carlos will e-mail RHA’s minutes
2. Need governing councils to submit roll calls from now on

B. Senate Requirements

1. Need to be modified to put specific dates on reports
2. The statutes need to be modified to spell out that survey results, and other Senate requirements dealing with Student Advocacy must be spelled out in Section 5.07(c)

C. Senators Initiatives

1. Clean and Safe- Meeting is being set-up with Assistant Director of Facilities. (Patrick and Macarena).
2. Safety Issues in Engineering Center- One safety button and not sure if it works. Someone destroyed equipment in Engineering Center (Janet).

3. Fingerprinting- At the beginning of the semesters, all Education majors need to be fingerprinted, so working to get buses downtown and group fingerprinting for the new students entering the College of Education (Samir).

D. Student Issues

1. Student brought up an issue about not having affordable drinking water at the last FIU football game in the afternoon. Potentially talk to FIU Athletics about putting water fountains in the stadium. Patrick and Carlos will be talking to Athletics.

IV. New Business

A. Vote to make the two deadlines for reports due to SAC October 31st and December 10th

1. Carlos Rodriguez- Yes
2. Janet Reyes- Yes
3. Samir Patel- Yes
Yes- 3 No- 0 Abstain- 0

B. Vote to make the results and data from surveys submitted to SAC and SAC will make a report at the end of each semester on the survey results.

1. Carlos Rodriguez-Yes
2. Janet Reyes- Yes
3. Samir Patel- Yes
Yes- 3 No- 0 Abstain- 0

V. Meeting Adjourned at 5:06

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