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Senate Meeting Minutes: September 13, 2010

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus


September 13, 2010

I.                   Welcome & Call to Order at 4:03pm

II.                Roll Call

a.       Adam Do Amaral

b.      Alexander Barrio (Excused)

c.       Amanda Jimenez

d.      Carlos Rodriguez

e.       Chris Cabral

f.       Christina Marinos (Tardy)

g.      Cristina Loreto

h.      Daniel Gonzalez

i.        Daniela Gonzalez

j.        Dillon Arango (Excused)

k.      Donovan Dawson

l.        Erika Edwards

m.    Hector Mujica

n.      Janice Rubio (Tardy)

o.      Jesus Borrero (Excused)

p.      Joanne Myler

q.      Kevin Gonzalez

r.        Macarena Jimenez (Excused)

s.       Moses Aluicio

t.        Patrick O’Keefe

u.      Ranshan Gomez (Excused)

v.      William-Jose Velez

w.    TJ Liguori

x.      Rachel Emas

y.      Mohammed Aman (Tardy)

z.       Nicholas Autiello

aa.   Helena Ramirez

bb.  Alina Gonzalez

cc.   Veronica Guerra

III.             Approval of Minutes

Move to approve August 30 meeting minutes [O’Keefe] (Passes)

IV.             Senate Speaker Report

a.       Saw people at the football game

b.      Engineering Senator Tara Jafarmadar resigned

c.       Voting on vacant seats on September 20

V.                Senator Pro-Tempore Report

a.       In sync with BBC Senate à same logo & format

b.      Meeting last week

c.       Getting Cabinet minutes

d.      Looking into CSO

VI.             Comptroller Report

a.       Working on GC room rentals for last month

b.      Working with Luis

VII.          Finance Committee Report

a.       Meeting last week

b.      No request submitted

c.       Meeting on Wednesday at 2pm in the Conference room

VIII.        Chief Justice Report

a.       No Report

IX.             Executive Report

a.       Thank you for attending the football game

b.      FIU’s 45th birthday on Friday was a great success

c.       Attorney General is making a presentation today

·         Senate is guilty of malfeasance

·         Writ of Certiorari

·         Comptroller is not a part of Cabinet

Move to add Checks & Balances Act of 2010 under New Business [Mujica] (Passes)

Move to add the confirmation of Georgina Cohen as Veteran’s Affairs to the agenda under New Business [Velez] (Passes)

Move to bypass reports [Mujica] (Passes)

Move to move item D under New Business to the beginning [Mujica] (Passes)

X.                New Business

a.       SR 1044 – To add the Senate Emoluments Provisions to the SGC-MMC Statutes

Move to add “percent” in Section 3.08 subsection b, subsection i & ii, sub subsection 1 [Emas] (Passes)

Move to add “MMC” in between SGC and Senators [Emas] (Passes)

Move to capitalize the “s” in Senate [Emas] (Passes)

Move to add a dash in between two thirds [Emas] (Passes)

Move to bypass the second reading [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to previous question [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to request unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [Loreto] (Fails)

i.      Adam Do Amaral – Yes

ii.      Amanda Jimenez – Yes

iii.      Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

iv.      Chris Cabral – No

v.      Christina Marinos – Yes

vi.      Cristina Loreto – Yes

vii.      Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

viii.      Daniela Gonzalez – Yes

ix.      Donovan Dawson – Yes

x.      Erika Edwards – Yes

xi.      Hector Mujica – Yes

xii.      Joanne Myler – Yes

xiii.      Kevin Gonzalez – No

xiv.      Mohammed Aman – Yes

xv.      Moses Aluicio – Yes

xvi.      Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xvii.      Rachel Emas – Yes

xviii.      TJ Liguori – Yes

xix.      William Jose Velez – Yes

17*2*0 (Passes)

b.      SR 1043 – To Create and Establish the Graduate Student Funding Committee Guidelines

Move to bypass the second reading [Daniel Gonzalez] (Fails)

Move to bypass the second reading [Emas] (Passes)

Move to add in Section 1.01 under g “GSFC reserves the right to make any changes to these funding guideline as may be necessary to ensure equity in the distribution of funds, upon approval of the SGC-MMC Senate.”[Emas] (Passes)

Move to rescind the bypass of the second reading [Daniel Gonzalez] (Passes)

Move to bypass the second reading [Emas] (Passes)

xx.      Adam Do Amaral – Yes

xxi.      Amanda Jimenez – Yes

xxii.      Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

xxiii.      Chris Cabral – Yes

xxiv.      Christina Marinos – Yes

xxv.      Cristina Loreto – Yes

xxvi.      Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

xxvii.      Donovan Dawson – Yes

xxviii.      Erika Edwards – Yes

xxix.      Hector Mujica – Yes

xxx.      Joanne Myler – Yes

xxxi.      Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xxxii.      Moses Aluicio – Yes

xxxiii.      Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xxxiv.      Rachel Emas – Yes

xxxv.      TJ Liguori – Yes

xxxvi.      William Jose Velez – Yes

17*0*0 (Passes)

Move to have Checks & Balances first [Mujica] (Passes)

xxxvii.      Adam Do Amaral – No

xxxviii.      Amanda Jimenez – No

xxxix.      Carlos Rodriguez -No

xl.      Chris Cabral – Yes

xli.      Christina Marinos – No

xlii.      Cristina Loreto – Yes

xliii.      Daniel Gonzalez – No

xliv.      Donovan Dawson – Yes

xlv.      Erika Edwards – No

xlvi.      Hector Mujica – Yes

xlvii.      Joanne Myler – No

xlviii.      Kevin Gonzalez – No

xlix.      Moses Aluicio – Yes

l.      Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

li.      Rachel Emas – Yes

lii.      TJ Liguori – Yes

liii.      William Jose Velez – Yes

9*8*0 (Passes)

Move to have Georgina Cohen first [Aluicio] (Passes)

c.       Cabinet Confirmation – Georgina Cohen as Veteran’s Affairs

Move to limit questions to 2 minutes and have unlimited debate [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to request unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [O’Keefe] (Passes)

liv.      Adam Do Amaral – Yes

lv.      Amanda Jimenez – Yes

lvi.      Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

lvii.      Chris Cabral – Yes

lviii.      Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

lix.      Donovan Dawson – Yes

lx.      Erika Edwards – Yes

lxi.      Hector Mujica – Yes

lxii.      Janice Rubio – Yes

lxiii.      Joanne Myler – Yes

lxiv.      Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

lxv.      Moses Aluicio – Yes

lxvi.      Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

lxvii.      Rachel Emas – Yes

lxviii.      TJ Liguori – Yes

lxix.      William Jose Velez – Yes

16*0*0 (Passes)

d.      SR 1046 – Checks and Balances Act of 2010

Move to change the title to “Impeachment of Executive Branch Officials” [Mujica] (Passes)

Move to add a dash in between three fifths [Emas] (Passes)

Move to bypass the second reading [Mujica] (Passes)

lxx.      Adam Do Amaral – No

lxxi.      Amanda Jimenez – No

lxxii.      Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

lxxiii.      Chris Cabral – No

lxxiv.      Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

lxxv.      Donovan Dawson – No

lxxvi.      Erika Edwards – No

lxxvii.      Hector Mujica – Yes

lxxviii.      Janice Rubio – No

lxxix.      Joanne Myler – No

lxxx.      Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

lxxxi.      Moses Aluicio – Yes

lxxxii.      Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

lxxxiii.      Rachel Emas – Yes

lxxxiv.      TJ Liguori – Yes

lxxxv.      William Jose Velez – Yes

9*7*0 (Passes)

e.       SR 1041 – To Encourage the Passage of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (D.R.E.A.M) Act

Senator Pro-Tempore is called to the chair

Move to bypass the second reading [Emas] (Passes)

Move to request to have unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [Velez] (Passes)

lxxxvi.      Adam Do Amaral – Yes

lxxxvii.      Amanda Jimenez – Yes

lxxxviii.      Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

lxxxix.      Chris Cabral – Yes

xc.      Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

xci.      Donovan Dawson – Yes

xcii.      Erika Edwards – Yes

xciii.      Hector Mujica – Yes

xciv.      Janice Rubio – Yes

xcv.      Joanne Myler – Yes

xcvi.      Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xcvii.      Mohammed Aman – Yes

xcviii.      Moses Aluicio – Yes

xcix.      Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

c.      Rachel Emas – Yes

ci.      TJ Liguori – Yes

cii.      William Jose Velez – Yes

17*0*0 (Passes)

f.       SR 1042 – Honoring Brruce Hauptli’s Tireless Commitment to FIU

Move to bypass the second reading [Daniel Gonzalez] (Passes)

Move to capitalize Fall and Spring [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to request to have unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [O’Keefe] (Passes)

i.            Adam Do Amaral – Yes

ii.            Amanda Jimenez – Yes

iii.            Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

iv.            Chris Cabral – Yes

v.            Daniel Gonzalez – Yes

vi.            Donovan Dawson – Yes

vii.            Erika Edwards – Yes

viii.            Hector Mujica – Yes

ix.            Janice Rubio – Yes

x.            Joanne Myler – Yes

xi.            Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xii.            Mohammed Aman – Yes

xiii.            Moses Aluicio – Yes

xiv.            Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xv.            Rachel Emas – Yes

xvi.            TJ Liguori – Yes

xvii.            William Jose Velez – Yes

17*0*0 (Passes)

g.      SR 1045 – To Create a Senate Ad Hoc Select Committee to Establish the political Parties Regulations

Senator Aluicio is called to the chair

Move to go into the Committee of the Whole [Velez] (Passes)

Move to extend the meeting by 10 minutes [Mujica] (Passes)

Move to add 7 senators, 1 At large & Senate Speaker [Rubio] (Passes)

Move to add 6 Senators, 1 ex office member of the committee who shall be the Vice President of the Student Body, 1 At Large, 1 President of the Senate [Emas] (Passes)

Move to table until next week [Emas] (Passes)

XI.             Adjournment at 6:14pm

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