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Press Release: FIU’s 45th Anniversary

Press Release

The Student Government Council at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (SGC-MMC) at Florida International University (FIU) will facilitate a celebration in honor of the university, reflecting upon 45 years of challenges and success.

Miami, Florida (18 August 2010)—During the summer 2010 term, SGC-MMC began making the preparations to celebrate FIU’s 45th Birthday on the 10th of September. The celebration will begin in the Graham Center Pit from 11am to 1pm. This activity will serve as affinity and engagement pieces, affording SGC-MMC the opportunity to impress upon the student body school spirit and pride for FIU.

“What excites me the most about facilitating this event,” mentions SGC-MMC Director of External Relations Andrea Alhadari “is the element of school spirit and pride associated with this event. The day will include spirit tables and a pep rally, just a few of the elements that will allow students to not only be a part of FIU’s 45th birthday celebration, but will afford students the opportunity to display their level of school spirit and pride for other students to experience.”

“Additionally,” continues Director Alhadari, “SGC-MMC has been successful in soliciting the assistance of local businesses in facilitating the celebration, a testament of our commitment to engage the local community, and further, a demonstration of the local community’s level of devotion to being active participants in FIU’s growth and development.”

“When one thinks of what it means to be a student at FIU,” points out SGC-MMC President and University Trustee Helena Ramirez, “you might think about football games, term papers and finals. At the core of being an FIU student, however, is the gratitude that each and every one of us has for the founders of this great institution of higher learning.”

“When an FIU student earns his or her degree of higher education,” continues President and University Trustee Ramirez,  “he or she feels a sense of appreciation to the faculty, staff, administration and benefactors of this institution; the individuals who assisted and will continue to assist the university in overcoming adversities and achieving success for almost half a century.”

Overall, SGC-MMC looks forward to facilitating this event, as it will serve as a platform upon which to engage the student body in a fun and effective manner. For additional information on the celebration calendar of events, please contact SGC-MMC Director of External Relations Andrea Alhadari at sga@fiu.edu, call at 305.348.2121, or stop by our office in Graham Center of the Modesto A. Maidique Campus, room 211.

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