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Fall 2010 Press Conference Series

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Subject: Fall 2010 Press Conference Series

In keeping with President Ramirez’s objectives of transparency and accountability, SGC-MMC will facilitate the fall 2010 press conference series. The Press Conferences will be held in Graham Center 150 from 3pm to 5pm, on the following dates; the 24th of September, the 22nd of October, the 12th of November and the 3rd of December.

The first portion of the press conference will be a summary of SGC-MMC’s progress in addition to a brief overview of the objectives for the following month. Additionally, there will be a brief overview of the progress and objectives of governing councils at MMC, as well as a short summary of SGC-BBC’s progress and objectives. The first portion of the press conference will last no more than fifteen (15) minutes, and will facilitated by SGC-MMC Press Secretary Dean G. Williams.

The second half will be a question an answer segment, providing members of student media and the student body present an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns and desires, which members of student government present will address. This segment of the press conference will last no longer than forty-five (45) minutes.

For more information on the fall 2010 Press Conference series, please contact SGC-MMC Press Secretary Dean Gabriel Williams at, or stop by SGC-MMC’s office in Graham Center, Room 211. See you at the Press Conferences!


Fall 2010 Student Engagement Series

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Press Release

The Student Government Council at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (SGC-MMC) at Florida International University (FIU) will facilitate a student engagement series in the fall of 2010

Miami, Florida (30 August 2010)—SGC-MMC President and University Trustee Helena Ramirez announced today that SGC-MMC will facilitate a student engagement series in the fall of 2010. The objective of the engagement series is to provide students with a mechanism through which to voice their desires and concerns. President Ramirez will then institute a series of executive orders specifically designed to address issues that arise during the engagement series.

“During my campaign and transition period as SGC-President Elect towards the end of the Spring 2010 term,” mentions SGC-MMC President and University Trustee Ramirez, “my central focus was—and still is—student engagement. As the liaison of the student body to the university administration, it is the responsibility of SGC-MMC to facilitate mechanisms for the student body to voice their concerns as it pertains to all aspects of campus life.”

President Ramirez continues, noting “the student engagement series will provide a safe, friendly environment in which students will discuss issues of most concern to them, which is the element that I am excited about; the personal interaction with members of the student body,” and further mentions “as an integral aspect of the engagement series, SGC-MMC is doing what it can to ensure that the respective university administrators are in attendance at the relative engagement town hall meetings. The attendance of university administrators at the engagement town hall meetings will re-enforce the university’s commitment to further developing and enhancing student services here at FIU.”

The first installment of the series will focus on issues related to Academics and is set to take place on the 30th of September 2010 in GC 140 from 4pm-6pm. The second installment of the series will focus on issue related to campus safety and is set to take place on the 21st of October 2010 in GC 150 from 3pm-5pm. The third and final installment in the fall 2010 student engagement series will focus on Student Services and is set to take place on the 9th of November 2010 in GC 243 from 4pm-6pm.

Overall, the student engagement series will provide a means through which SGC-MMC will tackle the issues as it pertains to the student body. For more information about the fall 2010 student engagement series, please send e-mail to, or visit SGC-MMC’s office in Graham Center, Room 211. See you at the engagement series!

Council Bill SR 1044: To add the Senate Emoluments Provisions to the SGC-MMC Statutes

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Agenda Item: Emoluments Council Bill of SGC-MMC                                                        Date: 9/13/2010

Sponsors: Hector Mujica, College of Business Administration Senator; Cristina Loreto, At Large Senator;

To add the Senate Emoluments Provisions to the SGC-MMC Statutes

SECTION I. Short Title

This bill may be cited as the “Senate Emolument Establishment Act of 2010”


The purpose of this bill is to amend the statutes in order to give the Senate confirmatory powers over the emolument designation process for members of the SGC-MMC Council, as well as establish a minimum emolument amount for the members of the Senate.

SECTION III. Adding Section 3.08 Senate Emoluments to Article II

Article III. Legislative Branch

Section 3.08 Senate Emoluments

(a)        All Senators shall be entitled to compensation in adherence to the provisions put forth by the FIU SGA Constitution, Article XV.

(b)        The emoluments for officers of the Senate shall be as follows:

(i)         Speaker of the Senate

1)         SGC-MMC Speaker of the Senate shall receive annually an amount up to thirty-two percent (32%), but no less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the SGC-MMC President’s salary.

(ii)        Speaker Pro-Tempore

1)         SGC-MMC Speaker Pro-Tempore shall receive annually an amount up to twenty-five percent (25%), but no less than ten percent (10%) of the SGC-MMC President’s salary.

(iii)       Committee Chairs

1)         SGC-MMC Chairs of Senate Standing Committees shall receive annually an amount up to twenty percent (20%), but no less than eight percent (8%) of the SGC-MMC President’s salary.

(iv)       Senators

1)         SGC-MMC Senators, excluding the Speaker, Speaker Pro-Tempore and Committee Chairs, shall receive annually an amount up to fifteen percent (15%), but no less than seven percent (7%) of the SGC-MMC President’s salary.

(c)        International Students under particular working conditions shall be exempt from this clause on a case by case basis.

(d)      At the inception of the University Wide Budget Committee process, the Senate shall review the proposed emolument amounts for all branches of the Student Government Association (Legislative, Judiciary and Executive).

(i)         The Senate may make emolument recommendations at this point of the budget process.

1)         All recommendations must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3rd) majority of the Senate.

Proviso: All stipulations put forth by this council bill will be effective upon the new budget for the Fall 2011- Spring 2012 academic school year.

In favor: 17; Opposed: 2; Abstentions:; Status: Signed.

Senate Meeting Minutes: August 30, 2010

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Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus


August 30, 2010

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 4:00pm

II. Roll Call

a. Adam Do Amaral (Excused)

b. Alexander Barrio

c. Amanda Jimenez (Absent)

d. Carlos Rodriguez

e. Chris Cabral

f. Christina Marinos

g. Cristina Loreto

h. Daniel Gonzalez (Excused)

i. Daniela Gonzalez (Tardy)

j. Dillon Arango (Excused)

k. Donovan Dawson

l. Erika Edwards

m. Hector Mujica

n. Janice Rubio

o. Jesus Borrero

p. Joanne Myler

q. Kevin Gonzalez

r. Macarena Jimenez

s. Moses Aluicio

t. Patrick O’Keefe

u. Ranshan Gomez (Excused)

v. Tara Jafarmadar (Absent)

w. William-Jose Velez

x. TJ Liguori (Tardy)

y. Rachel Emas

z. Mohammed Aman (Tardy)

aa. Nicholas Autiello

bb. Helena Ramirez

cc. Alina Gonzalez

dd. Veronica Guerra

III. Approval of Minutes

Move to approve August 23 meeting minutes [O’Keefe] (Passes)

IV. Senate Speaker Report

a. Must be sworn in à please rise

b. Please check email accounts

V. Senator Pro-Tempore Report

a. In sync with BBC Senate same logo & format

b. Please send your goals

VI. Comptroller Report

a. Internship in NYC

b. Working on finishing a Policy

c. Working on GC room rentals for last month

VII. Finance Committee Report

a. No Report

VIII. Chief Justice Report

a. First Judiciary meeting this week

IX. Executive Report

a. Student Lobbying Coordinator Presentation à City Year partnership

b. NPHC had a show this morning

c. Hope for Haiti

d. Hope you all enjoyed WOW events & Heat Stroke

e. GC Expansion Committee (Helena is part of the committee)

f. Meeting with Athletics this morning

g. Next Wednesday; Board of Trustees meeting in the GC Ballrooms

Move to add Section F under New Business as Open Discussion to discuss open vacancies [Aluicio] (Passes)

X. Senator Reports

a. September 14 is the CBA Exposed event at 6pm; legislation today (Mujica)

b. September 2 at 11am is the Engineering Town Hall meeting (Velez)

c. Met with RHA last week; Blood Drive on October 4 & 5; Jaws movie event in the Housing pool; Town Hall meetings à 2 a semester (Rodriguez)

d. Jewish Law students are doing an event on Thursday for networking purposes (Barrio)

e. Met with Dean last Tuesday; want to do MYD over a course of 2 days; lounge ideas; Town Hall meetings are set (Edwards)

f. Meeting at the end of the week with fellow senators (Daniela Gonzalez)

g. Met with Lower Division senators to further discuss goals; events for different student populations (O’Keefe)

XI. Committee Reports

a. Rachel is the newest member; revising statutes (RLJC)

b. Meeting on Wednesday at 9am (ORC)

c. No Report (IAC)

d. No quorum at meeting today (SAC)

e. Working on guidelines (GSFC)

Move to strike item C from NB since it’s in Old Business [Loreto] (Passes)

XII. Old Business

a. Appeal of Aaron Miller for GSFC Request

i. Alexander Barrio – No

ii. Carlos Rodriguez -No

iii. Chris Cabral – No

iv. Chistina Marinos – No

v. Cristina Loreto – No

vi. Daniela Gonzalez – No

vii. Donovan Dawson – No

viii. Erika Edwards – No

ix. Hector Mujica – No

x. Janice Rubio – No

xi. Jesus Borrero – No

xii. Joanne Myler – No

xiii. Kevin Gonzalez – No

xiv. Macarena Jimenez – No

xv. Mohammed Aman – No

xvi. Moses Aluicio – No

xvii. Patrick O’Keefe – No

xviii. Rachel Emas – No

xix. TJ Liguori – No

xx. William Jose Velez – No

0*20*0 (Fails)

XIII. New Business

a. SR 1039 – To Amend the Senate Committee Structure in Relation to the GSFC

Move to capitalize the “s” in Senate in the last paragraph [Emas] (Passes)

Move to bypass the second reading [Loreto] (Passes)

Move to request unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [Loreto] (Passes)

i. Alexander Barrio – Yes

ii. Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

iii. Chris Cabral – Yes

iv. Chistina Marinos – Yes

v. Cristina Loreto – Yes

vi. Daniela Gonzalez – Yes

vii. Donovan Dawson – Yes

viii. Erika Edwards – Yes

ix. Hector Mujica – Yes

x. Jesus Borrero – Yes

xi. Joanne Myler – Yes

xii. Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xiii. Macarena Jimenez – Yes

xiv. Mohammed Aman – Yes

xv. Moses Aluicio – Yes

xvi. Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xvii. Rachel Emas – Yes

xviii. TJ Liguori – Yes

xix. William Jose Velez – Yes

19*0*0 (Passes)

b. SR 1040 –In Support of Additional Resources for the College of Business Administration

Move to bypass the second reading [Mujica] (Passes)

Move to request unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [O’Keefe] (Passes)

i. Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

ii. Chris Cabral – Yes

iii. Chistina Marinos – Yes

iv. Cristina Loreto – Yes

v. Daniela Gonzalez – Yes

vi. Donovan Dawson – Yes

vii. Erika Edwards – Yes

viii. Hector Mujica – Yes

ix. Jesus Borrero – Yes

x. Joanne Myler – Yes

xi. Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xii. Macarena Jimenez – Yes

xiii. Mohammed Aman – Yes

xiv. Moses Aluicio – Yes

xv. Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xvi. Rachel Emas – Yes

xvii. TJ Liguori – Yes

xviii. William Jose Velez – Yes

18*0*0 (Passes)

c. Appeal of Armando Board for the GSFC Request

i. Carlos Rodriguez -No

ii. Chris Cabral – No

iii. Chistina Marinos – No

iv. Cristina Loreto – No

v. Donovan Dawson – No

vi. Erika Edwards – No

vii. Hector Mujica – No

viii. Jesus Borrero – No

ix. Joanne Myler – No

x. Kevin Gonzalez – No

xi. Macarena Jimenez – No

xii. Mohammed Aman – No

xiii. Moses Aluicio – Yes

xiv. Patrick O’Keefe – No

xv. Rachel Emas – No

xvi. TJ Liguori – No

xvii. William Jose Velez – No

1*16*0 (Fails)

d. Nomination of Miriam Blasco for Marketing Coordinator in the SGC-MMC Cabinet

Move to have 2 and a half minutes of questions and unlimited debate [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to request to have unanimous consent to vote by acclamation [O’Keefe] (Passes)

i. Carlos Rodriguez -Yes

ii. Chris Cabral – Yes

iii. Chistina Marinos – Yes

iv. Cristina Loreto – Yes

v. Donovan Dawson – Yes

vi. Erika Edwards – Yes

vii. Hector Mujica – Yes

viii. Jesus Borrero – Yes

ix. Joanne Myler – Yes

x. Kevin Gonzalez – Yes

xi. Macarena Jimenez – Yes

xii. Mohammed Aman – Yes

xiii. Moses Aluicio – Yes

xiv. Patrick O’Keefe – Yes

xv. Rachel Emas – Yes

xvi. TJ Liguori – Yes

xvii. William Jose Velez – Yes

17*0*0 (Passes)

e. Open Discussion: Senate Vacancies

College of Business (1)

Arts & Architecture (1)

Nursing & Health Sciences (2)

Public Health (1)

Education (1)

Move to open applications and have nominees brought up to Senate [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to open nominations to have Cabinet members report to Senate on September 27 [Loreto] (Passes)

Move to have Maria Rosa Blanco report to Senate [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to have Dean Williams report to Senate [Loreto] (Fails)

Move to have Alex Lastra report to Senate [Loreto] (Passes)

Move to have Julio Yanes report to Senate [K. Gonzalez] (Passes)

Move to have Andrea Alhadari report to Senate [Aluicio] (Passes)

Move to extend the meeting for 5 minutes [Mujica] (Passes)

XIV. Announcements

a. Intern Coordinators Presentation

b. Picture at the Stadium after Senate [Ramirez]

XV. Adjournment at 6:08pm

August Letter from the President

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Fellow Golden Panther;

From the Baseball Team becoming Sun Belt Champions and making it to the College semi-finals, to the state legislature approving $17.6 million dollars in funding for the Student Academic Support Complex, the future 100,000 square foot complex that will centralize many of the service-oriented offices on campus, and the additional 2,000 students that will begin classes in the fall as part of President Rosenberg’s vision for the growth, development and advancement of the university, the 2010-11 academic school year will prove to be a wonderful, exciting and amazing time to be an FIU Golden Panther!

The primary objective of the 2010-11 Student Government Council of the Modesto A. Maidique Campus is to engage the student body. We hope to facilitate events and programs that will encourage students to get involved in both campus life and university-wide issues. Because we are cognizant of the fact that many students rely heavily on financial assistance—grants, loans, and scholarships—in their pursuit of a higher education, SGC-MMC has made it a priority to build upon the First Generation Scholarship fundraiser facilitated in March of 2010.

As you navigate campus life at FIU during the course of this academic school year, it is my hope that this e-newsletter will serve as a companion; a resource that you can and should utilize to stay abreast of what’s happening at the university.

The 2010-11 SGC-MMC will do its very best to serve you, the student, in a most timely, respectable, efficient manner. Should you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns pertaining to any issue, please do not hesitate to stop by our office located in Graham Center of the Modesto A. Maidique Campus, Room 211. You may also contact SGC-MMC via telephone at 305.348.2121, or via e-mail at On behalf of the Cabinet Members and Senators of SGC-MMC, we wish you nothing but success in your academic and extra-curricular pursuits, and look forward to serving you in the ensuing academic school year!

Press Release: FIU’s 45th Anniversary

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Press Release

The Student Government Council at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (SGC-MMC) at Florida International University (FIU) will facilitate a celebration in honor of the university, reflecting upon 45 years of challenges and success.

Miami, Florida (18 August 2010)—During the summer 2010 term, SGC-MMC began making the preparations to celebrate FIU’s 45th Birthday on the 10th of September. The celebration will begin in the Graham Center Pit from 11am to 1pm. This activity will serve as affinity and engagement pieces, affording SGC-MMC the opportunity to impress upon the student body school spirit and pride for FIU.

“What excites me the most about facilitating this event,” mentions SGC-MMC Director of External Relations Andrea Alhadari “is the element of school spirit and pride associated with this event. The day will include spirit tables and a pep rally, just a few of the elements that will allow students to not only be a part of FIU’s 45th birthday celebration, but will afford students the opportunity to display their level of school spirit and pride for other students to experience.”

“Additionally,” continues Director Alhadari, “SGC-MMC has been successful in soliciting the assistance of local businesses in facilitating the celebration, a testament of our commitment to engage the local community, and further, a demonstration of the local community’s level of devotion to being active participants in FIU’s growth and development.”

“When one thinks of what it means to be a student at FIU,” points out SGC-MMC President and University Trustee Helena Ramirez, “you might think about football games, term papers and finals. At the core of being an FIU student, however, is the gratitude that each and every one of us has for the founders of this great institution of higher learning.”

“When an FIU student earns his or her degree of higher education,” continues President and University Trustee Ramirez,  “he or she feels a sense of appreciation to the faculty, staff, administration and benefactors of this institution; the individuals who assisted and will continue to assist the university in overcoming adversities and achieving success for almost half a century.”

Overall, SGC-MMC looks forward to facilitating this event, as it will serve as a platform upon which to engage the student body in a fun and effective manner. For additional information on the celebration calendar of events, please contact SGC-MMC Director of External Relations Andrea Alhadari at, call at 305.348.2121, or stop by our office in Graham Center of the Modesto A. Maidique Campus, room 211.

August 2010 Press Conference

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Press Secretary Williams facilitated a slide show presentation, which detailed the accomplishments of the council during the 2010 summer term. If you would like to receive the slide show presentation for further review, please submit a request to at your convenience.

Graduate Senator Emas addressed issues as it pertains to graduate funding and advocacy. Press Secretary Williams is in the process of organizing a Graduate Constituency Press Conference, tentatively scheduled to take place in the coming week. Once this special press conference takes place, a memorandum, detailing the issues addressed, will be sent out in a timely manner. For more information on the Graduate Constituency Press Conference, send requests to

Coordinator Torres made general comments about Panther Rage’s agenda for the ensuing academic school year, citing programs and incentives geared towards increasing attendance at athletic events as the primary objective of the committee.

Coordinator Masieri spoke in detail about revisions to the existing website, citing a marketing strategy aimed at streamlining many aspects of SGC-BBC and SGC-MMC’s websites. Coordinator Masieri mentioned that the transition to the new website should take place sometime during the fall semester, pending workload in publications.

Issues as it pertains to public safety were addressed. President Ramirez mentioned that SGC-MMC will be facilitating a Public Safety Forum sometime during the fall semester, at which members of the student body will have an opportunity to voice their concerns to FIU Police Chief Bill King. President Ramirez also informed those present of her new role within the Florida Student Association as Vice Chairwoman of Internal Affairs and Finance.

Questions were raised about issues pertaining to International Student Affairs and Sustainability that, unfortunately, could not be answered at the Press Conference. Coordinators Shillingford and Waters, respectively, have been notified and will be submitting statements that will address the questions/issues raised. Once Coordinators Shillingford and Waters complete the previously aforementioned statements, they will be remitted to student media in a timely fashion.

Other issues addressed include revisions to the student handbook, student accountability, incentivizing student surveys, the launch of a meeting/event panning resource on SGC-MMC’s website, the completion of a student lounge at the Engineering Center, and issues pertaining to the planned Student Support Complex. Should you require additional information on any of the aforesaid issues, please, send a formal request to