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Senate Meeting Minutes: June 21, 2010

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus


June 21, 2010

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 4:12pm

II. Roll Call

a. Adam Do Amaral

b. Alexander Barrio (Absent)

c. Amanda Jimenez

d. Carlos Rodriguez (Absent)

e. Chris Cabral (Absent)

f. Christina Marinos (Excused)

g. Cristina Loreto

h. Daniel Gonzalez

i. Daniela Gonzalez (Absent)

j. David Tooch

k. Donovan Dawson

l. Erika Edwards

m. Hector Mujica (Excused)

n. Janice Rubio

o. Jesus Borrero

p. Joanne Myler (Excused)

q. Kevin Gonzalez

r. Macarena Jimenez (Absent)

s. Moses Aluicio

t. Patrick O’Keefe

u. Ranshan Gomez (Absent)

v. Tara Jafarmadar (Absent)

w. William-Jose Velez (Excused)

x. Nicholas Autiello (Excused)

y. Alina Gonzalez

z. Helena Ramirez

III. Approval of Minutes

No quorum

IV. Senate Speaker Report

a. In Puerto Rico; back in Fall

V. Senator Pro-Tempore Report

a. In San Francisco; back in Fall

VI. Finance Chair Report

a. Finance Request Form is now available online

VII. Executive Report

a. Transportation about bus route times (new and old passes out, Alina asked for suggestions for changes);

b.  President Ramirez talked about BOG meeting Orlando—great learning experience; presented with the University Provost on FIU’s progress; next BOG is in September.

c.  President Ramirez also talked about continuing the ‘Meet Your Dean’ events in the 2010-2011 academic school year.

VIII. Senator Reports

a. Met with Dean (K. Gonzalez)

b. Trying to get SR 1035 passed today & met with Deans (Edwards)

c. tabling at orientations; hopefully having a SAC meeting (O’Keefe)

IX. Old Business

a. SR 1035- To Create and Establish the Graduate Student Funding Committee

1. No quorum

X. New Business

a. Cabinet Confirmations

1. No quorum

b. Elections Commissioner Confirmation

1. No quorum

XI. Announcements

a. Filming Football commercial on Thursday in the Stadium from 11am to 4pm (Torres)

XII. Adjournment at 4:46pm

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