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Supreme Court Positions Available

Attention students,

The Student Government Council – Modesto A. Maidique Campus has applications available for the Chief Justice and Justices positions of the Supreme Court of the SGC-MMC. The SGC-MMC Supreme Court is composed of the Chief Justice and four Justices. As defenders of the Constitution the Court interprets all bodies of law in SGA including the Constitution, Statutes, Finance and Elections Codes, and is charged with negating all existing Student Government Statutes, Appropriations, Laws, Joint Resolutions, Executive Orders, and/or Senatorial policies that conflict with any federal, state, local laws and/or ordinances and/or University regulations.

The Supreme Court has jurisdiction to preside over: the constitutionality of actions by student governing groups; conflicts between student groups; and violations of the Constitution and Statutes.  The Supreme Court hears grievances filed against SGC-MMC officials for censure and removal. Upon validation, trial, and deliberation of grievances the court may sanction or remove SGA members.

Interested individuals should fill out the attached application and drop it off in the SGA Offices in GC 211 by 5:00pm June 18, 2010. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at sga@fiu.edu, call to 305-348-2121, visit us in GC 211 or come to one of our meetings.


Chief Justice Application

Justice Application

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