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FIU Students’ “Hope For Haiti” Initiatives

Fellow Students,

Over the last several months, our university community has mobilized to assist in the Hope for Haiti relief efforts. We have already begun many individual projects, but there is still much left to do. Our South Florida community is the closest in the world to the Haitian Diaspora, and as the gateway to Latin American and the Caribbean, Haiti is literally in our backyard.

As young people, we have more power to change the world than at any other time in human history. It is our responsibility to build the world that we will someday lead. In this spirit, we are proud to launch two student-run initiatives to help support the short term relief of the Haitian people and the longer term viability of the Haitian state.

At FIU, we, your student leaders, are committed to raising at least one dollar for every student at the university. We’re excited to kickoff this campaign on May 18th at 12 PM in the GC Pit, and we hope that you will join us! We are fortunate to be joined at this event by representatives from Columbus Networks, who have generously pledged to match up to $25,000 of whatever we raise. You will be able to make donations quickly and easily at the FIU Bookstores at both the Modesto Maidique Campus and the Biscayne Bay Campuses as well as at the MMC Recreation Center. We hope that you will give whatever you can to help in this extraordinary effort. Every dollar counts!

We are also excited to announce this as part of a large student-organized effort on behalf of the South Florida community. FIU is leading a group of colleges and universities from around South Florida who will be planning a series of events over the next few months, including a student-activist conference, a large community-wide fundraising event and a large-donor fundraising dinner. Our goal is to partner with the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to ensure that whatever we raise goes directly to student-run projects that are committed to both the short and long term relief of Haiti. We hope that you will closely follow the progress of this group, and we will be launching a website shortly.

With the University of Haiti all but totally destroyed, we hope that you remember how blessed we are to have the opportunity to get an education that is worlds ahead at FIU. Let’s come together as a Golden Panther community to have a huge impact on Haiti’s future!

For more information on how to donate, please click here.

In Golden Panther spirit,

Helena Ramirez                                                    Christin “Cici” Battle
Student Body President – MMC                    Student Body President – BBC

Nick Autiello                                                         Denise Halpin
Student Body Vice President – MMC          Student Body Vice President – BBC

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