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Resolution: In Recognition of Senior Vice President George E. Walker

Agenda item: In recognition of Senior Vice President Walker Date: November 9th, 2009
Sponsors: Altanese Phenelus, College of Arts and Sciences Senator; William-Jose Velez, College of Engineering and Computing Senator; Loren Fraute, Graduate Senator

In Recognition of Senior Vice President George E. Walker

WHEREAS, It is the custom of the Student Government Council to  pay  tribute  to remarkable  and inspirational leaders whose life’s work and civic endeavors served to enhance the quality of  life  in  their  communities  and  the nation as a whole;

WHEREAS, Florida International University emphasizes research as a major component of its mission;

WHEREAS, Dr. George E. Walker came to FIU in 2006 after a distinguished career as Vice President for Research and Dean of the University Graduate School at Indiana University and Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching where he led the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate, at a pivotal time in the development of research and graduate education;

WHEREAS, He developed standards of service indicators that have showed continual improvement over time in the responsiveness of that office to the needs of research faculty while at the same time strengthening our research compliance structure and establishing a faculty advisory group to provide greater input into the direction of research and scholarly activities at FIU;

WHEREAS, Dr. Walker continued the development of the University Graduate School as a real resource for graduate students across the university, increasing the number and amount of stipends, introducing new forms of graduate student support such as the Doctoral Evidence Acquisition Fellowships, and joined with undergraduate education to establish a Center for Excellence in Writing;

WHEREAS, He has been a leading proponent of our cluster hire initiative whereby we have successfully attracted world leaders in their disciplines;

WHEREAS, Florida International University has benefited immensely by the contributions;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Student Government Council – Modesto A. Maidique recognizes Senior Vice President George E. Walker for his contributions and work in and for Florida International University.

In favor: 26; Opposed:0; Abstentions:0; Signed:

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