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Senate Meeting Minutes: November 09, 2009

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus


November 9, 2009

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 4:00pm

II. Roll Call

a. Adam Johnson (Tardy)

b. Alejandro Garcia

c. Alex Alonso (Tardy)

d. Alex Lastra (Tardy)

e. Altanese Phenelus

f. Angela Parra

g. Angeline Gonzalez (Left early)

h. Christina Mellon

i. Cristina Loreto

j. Daniel Ybanez (Tardy)

k. Daniela Gonzalez (Absent)

l. Dillon Arango

m. Edward Proenza

n. Erica Lovett

o. Ernesto Rubi (Excused)

p. Haidar Hachem (Tardy)

q. Hector Mujica

r. Helena Ramirez

s. Janice Rubio (Left early)

t. Katrina Fumagali

u. Loren Fraute

v. Marcos Oyola

w. Maribel Chaluja (Tardy)

x. Muhammad Saleem

y. Sandra Perez (Tardy)

z. Stephanie Jimenez

aa. Taylor Prochnow  (Excused Tardy)

bb. Yuniel Molina (Excused Tardy)

cc. Vignesh Doraiswamy

dd. William Jose Velez

ee. Cristina Morales (Excused Tardy)

ff. Robert Yengibaryan

gg. Mykaelle Figueiredo

III. Approval of Minutes

a. Motion to approve November 2 minutes [Doraiswamy] (Passes)

IV. Senate Speaker Report

a. 21 teams at the United Way flag football game; raise over $800

b. Thanks to everyone that attended

c. Senate responsibilitiesà surveys & reports

d. Binders to be completed before Spring Break

V. Chief Justice Report

a. Grievances are available in the office

VI. Finance Committee Report

a. Appropriation today

b. 2 requests; 1 denied

VII. Executive Report

a. November 10: 10 Secrets to Writing a Smashing Paper at 1:30pm in GC 150

b. Intern Class toy drive

VIII. Senator Reports

a. Meeting with Dean on November 24 (Loreto)

b. Senate has the power to impeach all SGC members (Phenelus)

c. Met with Myka; postponing MYD to February since GC did not approve requests (Oyola)

d. Meet Your Dean last Thursday; 40 students showed up; good feedback; thanks to people that attended (Velez)

e. Meeting today to finalize Meet Your Dean date (Lovett)

f. Fishbowl last Thursdayàover 140 people attended; survey sent through Honors College server (Doraiswamy)

g. Passing out surveys tomorrow at 12pm between LVN & LVS (Rubio)

h. Meeting with Dean Grossman on Friday at 9pm (Mellon)

i. Met with Myka; attended GSA meeting (Saleem)

j. Finalized Tech Fee committee (Fraute)

k. Meals plansà more feasible program (Molina)

l. World renown pianist at BBC tomorrow at 5pm; November 14-15 àwhole day of concerts by the School of Music (Fumagali)

m. Met with students and Associate Deanàcurriculum (Arango)

n. Construction of Chilis began today; Homecoming week started today (Rionda)

IX. Committee Reports

a. Meeting with Student Media on Wednesday; budgets and some audits completed (ORC)

b. Meeting next week (IAC)

c. Post Dean evaluation forms passed around(SAC)

d. Working on Senate Rules &Procedures (RLJC)

X. New Business

Move to change order of agenda items A and b under New Business [Phenelus] (Passes)

a. Sports & Entertainment Law Society Appropriation

Motion to hear appropriation since it was not sent to RLJC [Velez] (Passes)

Motion to strike $1840 and insert $1500 [Prochnow] (Fails)

Motion to recommit to the Finance Committee [Loreto] (Fails)

i. Adam Johnson- Yay

ii. Alejandro Garcia- Yay

iii. Alex Alonso – Yay

iv. Alex Lastra – Yay

v. Altanese Phenelus-Yay

vi. Angela Parra – Yay

vii. Christina Mellon- Yay

viii. Cristina Loreto-Nay

ix. Dillon Arango – Nay

x. Edward Proenza- Yay

xi. Erica Lovett- Nay

xii. Haidar Hachem- Yay

xiii. Hector Mujica- Nay

xiv. Helena Ramirez- Yay

xv. Loren Fraute – Yay

xvi. Katrina Fumagali- Yay

xvii. Marcos Oyola- Yay

xviii. Maribel Chaluja- Yay

xix. Muhammad Saleem- Yay

xx. Sandra Perez – Yay

xxi. Stephanie Jimenez- Yay

xxii. Taylor Prochnow- Yay

xxiii. Vignesh Doraiswamy – Nay

xxiv. William Velez- Yay

xxv. Yuniel Molina – Yay

Passes 20-5-0 (Passes)

b. In Recognition of Senior Vice President George E. Walker

Motion to bypass second reading[Molina] (Passes)

Motion to vote by acclamation [Fraute] (Passes)

i. Adam Johnson- Yay

ii. Alejandro Garcia- Yay

iii. Alex Alonso – Yay

iv. Alex Lastra – Yay

v. Altanese Phenelus-Yay

vi. Angela Parra – Yay

vii. Christina Mellon- Yay

viii. Cristina Loreto-Yay

ix. Daniel Ybanez- Yay

x. Dillon Arango – Yay

xi. Edward Proenza- Yay

xii. Erica Lovett- Yay

xiii. Haidar Hachem- Yay

xiv. Hector Mujica- Yay

xv. Helena Ramirez- Yay

xvi. Loren Fraute – Yay

xvii. Katrina Fumagali- Yay

xviii. Marcos Oyola- Yay

xix. Maribel Chaluja- Yay

xx. Muhammad Saleem- Yay

xxi. Sandra Perez – Yay

xxii. Stephanie Jimenez- Yay

xxiii. Taylor Prochnow- Yay

xxiv. Vignesh Doraiswamy – Yay

xxv. William Velez- Yay

xxvi. Yuniel Molina – Yay

Passes 26-0-0 (Passes)

XI. Announcements

a. Children’s Learning Center event on Friday (Loreto)

XII. Adjournment at 5:02pm

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