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Council Bill: To Reform the Structure of the Senate Committees

Agenda Item: Amendment to Committee Structure

Committee: Rules, Legislation, and Judiciary Committee

Date: October 19th, 2009

Sponsors: William-Jose Velez, College of Engineering and Computing Senator; Vignesh Doraiswamy, Honors College Sciences Senator; Altanese Phenelus, College of Arts and Sciences Senator;

To Reform the Structure of the Senate Committees


This Act may be cited as the “Committee Structure Reform Act of 2009”


Article V. Senate Committees

Section 5.01 Committee Structure

(a)        The Standing Committees of the SGC-MMC Senate shall be the Finance Committee, Student Services Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Student Union Board, International Students Committee, and Speakers Bureau Rules, Legislation and Judiciary Committee, Student Advocacy Committee, Operational Review Committee and Internal Affairs Committee. It shall be the duty of these committees to present items for discussion and present solutions to the SGC-MMC Senate. These committees are to be chaired by SGC-MMC Senators.

(i)         All SGC-MMC Senators must serve on at least one Standing Committee.

(ii)        Committee Chairpersons shall be chosen through an application process and appointed by a simple majority vote of the Senate. A Chairperson may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Senate, or by Judicial review.

(iii)       Each committee will be responsible for the selection of a vice-chairperson who is voted upon by the individual members of each committee during its first meeting.

(iv)       Committees shall meet at least twice a month to conduct business. Attendance and minutes shall be recorded by the vice chair-person, distributed and filed with the Clerk of Council in the SGC-MMC office within 48 hours of the meeting’s adjournment.

(v)        Committee size, excluding the Finance Committee, shall be determined by the SGC-MMC Senate. Membership shall be open to both Senators and the Student Body. Any additional members must be included on a roster and have personal information on file in the SGC-MMC office.

(vi)       Committee chairpersons shall be expected to present a report to the Senate following each meeting. In their absence a Vice Chairperson or any other member should present the report.

(vii)      Any official decisions and/or projects, initiatives and measures made by a Committee must be brought before the Senate for approval.


Article V. Committees

Section 5.04 Rules, Legislation, & Judiciary Committee

(c)        It is the responsibility of this committee to ensure all Legislations are maintained by the Clerk and the Speaker through bi-weekly legislation record reports detailing the bills, summaries, votes and executive approval.

(i)         Once legislation becomes law, it is the responsibility of the Rules Committee to update the SGC-MMC Statutes.

(ii)        Prior to the submission of legislation to the Senate, this committee shall have the power to review the legislation to ensure the legality, proper format, spelling, grammar, references and syntax.

1)         All legislation must be submitted to the Rules Committee by 5: 00 PM the Thursday prior to the Senate meeting by 5:00 PM during which the legislation will be considered.

2)         Legislation not submitted to the Rules Committee may still be considered with a 2/3 approval vote of the Senate.


Article III. Legislative Branch

Section 3.04 Meetings

(b)        For the purpose of scheduling committee meetings, official academic school and work schedules of Council members shall be taken into consideration. These must be submitted to the Chief of Staff respective committee chairperson no later than two (2) weeks prior to after the beginning of the semester to allow for adequate planning time.


Article VIII. Meetings and Absences

Section 8.01 Meetings

(c)       For the purpose of scheduling committee meetings, the official academic school schedules of each senator will be taken into consideration. These schedules must be submitted to the Chief of Staff no later than two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, in order to allow for adequate planning time.

In favor: 27; Opposed:0; Abstentions:0; Signed:

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