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Senate Meeting Minutes: October 12, 2009

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus


October 12, 2009

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 4:00pm

II. Roll Call

a. Adam Johnson

b. Alejandro Garcia

c. Alex Alonso

d. Alex Lastra

e. Altanese Phenelus

f. Angela Parra (Excused tardy)

g. Angeline Gonzalez

h. Christina Mellon

i. Cristina Loreto

j. Daniela Gonzalez

k. Dillon Arango

l. Edward Proenza

m. Erica Lovett

n. Ernesto Rubi

o. Haidar Hachem

p. Helena Ramirez

q. Janice Rubio

r. Katrina Fumagali

s. Marcos Oyola

t. Maribel Chaluja

u. Stephanie Jimenez

v. Taylor Prochnow (Excused tardy)

w. Yuniel Molina

x. Vignesh Doraiswamy (Tardy)

y. William Jose Velez

z. Sandra Perez

aa. Hector Mujica

bb. Cristina Morales

cc. Robert Yengibaryan

III. Approval of Minutes

a. Motion to approve October 5 minutes [Loreto] (Passes)

Motion to suspend order of agenda and move to New Business [Garcia] (Passes)

IV. New Business

a. Confirmation of Cabinet Members

Move to approve cabinet members [Loreto] (Passes)

Move to vote by acclamation [Phenelus] (Passes)

i. Adam Johnson- Yay

ii. Alejandro Garcia- Yay

iii. Alex Alonso- Yay

iv. Alex Lastra-Yay

v. Altanese Phenelus-Yay

vi. Angeline Gonzalez- Yay

vii. Christina Mellon- Yay

viii. Cristina Loreto-Yay

ix. Daniel Ybanez- Yay

x. Daniela Gonzalez- Yay

xi. Dillon Arango – Yay

xii. Edward Proenza- Yay

xiii. Erica Lovett- Yay

xiv. Ernesto Rubi- Yay

xv. Haidar Hachem- Yay

xvi. Hector Mujica- Yay

xvii. Helena Ramirez- Yay

xviii. Janice Rubio – Yay

xix. Katrina Fumagali- Yay

xx. Marcos Oyola- Yay

xxi. Maribel Chaluja- Yay

xxii. Sandra Perez – Yay

xxiii. Stephanie Jimenez- Yay

xxiv. William Velez- Yay

xxv. Yuniel Molina-Yay

Passes 25-0-0 (Passes)

b. To Urge FIU and Aramark to take action against Human Trafficking

i. Move to postpone until next week [Doraiswamy] (Passes)

Motion to add Section C under New Business as “In Support of Restructuring the Student Government Association to Provide Better and Equal Services and Representation For All Florida International University Students” [Johnson] (Passes)

c. In Support of Restructuring the Student Government Association to Provide Better and Equal Services and Representation For All Florida International University Students

i. Move to table resolution until next week [Lastra] (Passes)

V. Senate Speaker Report

a. We have interns in the room; Welcome Interns

b. Selected as Student Outreach Director for United Way

c. Football game on November 8 for United Way in the FIU Stadium

1. Luis Navia

· FIU Kindle; fiukindle.com

· Electronic reader that carries books and alleviates the cost of textbooks

· Alleviated the cost of textbooks in Princeton by 70%

· We would be the first public university in the nation to have it

· Meeting with Dr. Rosenberg on October 20

· Resolution to support FIU Kindle

VI. Senator Pro Tempore Report

a. New aB site leader for SGA along with Vignesh

b. aB project in the Spring

c. October 24 is Rage on the Field which is the Field Day for Homecoming

VII. Comptroller Report

a. Beacon took things out of context

b. Apologizes

VIII. Chief Justice Report

a. MMC Court is working with BBC court to review Constitution (Yengibaryan)

b. Looking for interns

IX. Finance Committee Report

a. Meetings on Wednesdays at 5pm in the Apartments lounge

X. Executive Report (Rionda)

a. Lovely article in the Beacon this morning

b. 2 sources of power; MMC= Board of Trustees and BBC=Foundation Board member

c. BBC gets more money

d. Apologized to BBC today

e. BBC does what the University should do; educates students and graduates them

f. University wide meeting this Wednesday

g. Trying to fix differences between campuses at a University Wide level

h. Asking to have a Town Hall meeting on November 2 or 3

i. FSA hired a management company to figure out what campuses are doing

j. Workshop next week conducted by Raven and Anthony

1. Gala presentation

· February 5, 2010 is the First Generation Scholarship Gala in CBC

· Can’t use A&S fees for gala

· We need sponsorship and fundraising

· Looking for someone that is willing to come talk at the Gala

XI. Senator Reports

a. Meet your Dean flyers are in; all Arts & Sciences senators are meeting with dean on Wednesday at 3pm (Loreto)

b. Divided a list for department chairs (Prochnow)

c. Looking for 2 interns for the MYD event; part of the Tech Fee committee and Wednesday is the last time students can bring forth ideas (Phenelus)

d. Please let people know that the MYD event is only for the College of Arts & Sciences (Johnson)

e. Meeting on Wednesday with Career Services for Meet Your Dean (Parra)

f. Meeting on Thursday regarding the Business MYD; eBlast; Networking session on Wednesday at 6pm at the Museum (Mujica)

g. Looking for a room close to CBC for MYD in November (Oyola)

h. Met with dean last Wednesday; extended invitation from dean to meet with Senate (Velez)

i. Event last week in Dr. Rosenberg’s house; spoke about issues in the Honors college; Fishbowl on November 3 at 3:30pm in DM 100; Honors Convocation this Thursday from 2-3:15pm (Doraiswamy)

j. Thanks senators that attended forum on Wednesday; enforce policies we have now regarding smoking; 2nd Forum on November 4 will be on Parking and Transportation (Proenza)

k. Student Bar Association meeting yesterday; Family Law Day on November 7 at 10 or 11am (Rubi)

l. Career Workshop meeting on Friday at 3pm (Alonso & Garcia)

m. FIU calendar for upcoming events; calendar.fiu.edu (Jimenez)

n. Working with CSO & SPC for student engagement (Ramirez)

o. October 26 at 10am meeting to discuss MYD in Spring for Lower division (D. Gonzalez)

XII. Committee Reports

a. Attend a meeting with no say (ORC)

b. Meeting tomorrow at 4pm TBA (IAC)

c. Drafting evaluation post meeting with deans (SAC)

d. Have not received anyone’s legislation prior to meetings; starting to work on Senate Rules & Procedures (RLJC)

XIII. Old Business

a. Internal Affairs Council Bill

i. Move to table until next meeting [Loreto] (Passes)

XIV. Announcements

a. Survey group on Facebook on smoking; when making a Facebook event please email Ben so that he does it under SGC-MMC (Badger)

b. SGA Relay for Life team; we need ten people (Badger)

XV. Adjournment at 5:46pm

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