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Senate Meeting Minutes: August 31, 2009

Florida International University • Student Government Association • Modesto A. Maidique Campus


August 31, 2009

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 4:02pm

II. Roll Call

a. Katrina Fumagali

b. Adam Johnson (Tardy)

c. Taylor Prochnow (Excused tardy)

d. Cristina Loreto

e. Altanese Phenelus

f. Gabriel Medina

g. Yuniel Molina

h. Helena Ramirez

i. Stephanie Jimenez

j. Angela Parra

k. Marcos Oyola

l. Erica Lovett

m. Haidar Hachem

n. William Jose Velez

o. Loren Fraute

p. Vignesh Doraiswamy

q. Edward Proenza

r. Janice Rubio

s. Ernesto Rubi

t. Daniel Ybanez

u. Maribel Chaluja

v. Alex Lastra

w. Daniela Gonzalez

x. Christina Mellon

y. Alexander Alonso

z. Mykaelle Figueiredo

aa. Cristina Morales

III. Approval of Minutes

a. Motion to change under Section VII Article F from 2-3pm to 1:30-3pm – Doraiswamy (Passes)

b. Motion to change under Section VIII Article C from Rules, Regulations to Rules, Legislation & Judiciary- Doraiswamy (Passes)

c. Motion to approve August 24 minutes (Passes)

IV. Senate Speaker Report

a. October 30 is the first Meet your Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences

b. Just met with CSO President Trang Van to collaborate with CSO

c. Please turn in schedules

V. Comptroller Report

a. Finance Committee meetings on Fridays at 4:30 pm in the SGA Conference room

VI. Chief Justice Report

a. September 17 according to the Constitution marks the date where changes in the Constitution can be made

b. Wants to change date and move to a later date in the Spring at the UW meeting

Motion to proceed meeting with latest version of RONR (Passes)

Motion to have Chief Justice as referee during the meeting (Passes)

VII. Finance Committee Report

a. Information posted on website

VIII. Executive Report

a. Met with Vignesh so far in regards to goals

b. Please meet to discuss goals

c. UW on September 9 at 4pm

d. 12 students in internship class

e. Met with Dr. Jones for gala

f. Help solicitate for sponsors

g. Thanks to Finance Committee for meeting on weekend

IX. Senator Reports

a. Email for Arts & Sciences: fiu.artsandsciences@gmail.com (Medina)

b. Angela and I met with Dean today; emailed various universities to see what they are doing to get commuter students involved (Oyola)

c. Surveys on how to get commuter students involved (Parra)

d. Talking to the Technology Director about the website; Entrance survey working with Haidar (Velez)

e. Meeting day with Dean and organizations at Engineering Campus (Hachem)

f. Meeting with Dean on Friday at 2pm (Lovett)

g. Honors College email: fiu.honors.senator@gmail.com; Honors Convocation; Wolfsonian trip on September 11 from 4-6pm, if interested email choy@fiu.edu (Doraiswamy)

h. Emailed Rob Thompson; surveys to improve Move-In (Rubio)

i. Emailed Georgina because lights in Lakeview South aren’t working (Proenza)

j. Improve Law library ( Rubi)

k. Calendar for phones pdf friendly; pop out in fiu.edu to remind people of important deadlines (Jimenez)

l. Going to meet with SPC President (Ramirez)

m. To meet with Maribel, Alex, and Danny to make surveys (Gonzalez)

X. New Business

a. Smart Spending Resolution

i. Move to recommit Resolution to the Operational Review Committee [Doraiswamy] (Passes)

b. In Commemoration of Edward Kennedy Resolution

i. Move to add ,2009, after August 25 [Loreto] (Passes)

ii. Katrina Fumagali – Yay

iii. Adam Johnson – Yay

iv. Taylor Prochnow – Yay

v. Cristina Loreto – Yay

vi. Altanese Phenelus – Yay

vii. Gabriel Medina – Yay

viii. Yuniel Molina – Yay

ix. Helena Ramirez – Yay

x. Stephanie Jimenez – Yay

xi. Angela Parra- Yay

xii. Marcos Oyola – Yay

xiii. Erica Lovett – Yay

xiv. Haidar Hachem- Yay

xv. William Jose Velez- Yay

xvi. Loren Fraute – Yay

xvii. Vignesh Doraiswamy- Yay

xviii. Edward Proenza- Yay

xix. Janice Rubio – Yay

xx. Ernesto Rubi – Yay

xxi. Daniel Ybanez – Yay

xxii. Maribel Chaluja – Yay

xxiii. Alex Lastra – Yay

xxiv. Daniela Gonzalez- Yay

xxv. Christina Mellon – Yay

xxvi. Alex Alonso – Yay

Passes 25-0-0

c. Frost Art Museum Appropriation

i. Katrina Fumagali – Abstain

ii. Adam Johnson – Yay

iii. Taylor Prochnow – Abstain

iv. Cristina Loreto – Nay

v. Altanese Phenelus – Nay

vi. Gabriel Medina – Nay

vii. Yuniel Molina – Yay

viii. Helena Ramirez – Nay

ix. Angela Parra – Nay

x. Marcos Oyola – Yay

xi. Erica Lovett – Nay

xii. Haidar Hachem- Abstain

xiii. William Jose Velez – Nay

xiv. Loren Fraute – Nay

xv. Vignesh Doraiswamy- Nay

xvi. Edward Proenza- Nay

xvii. Ernesto Rubi – Yay

xviii. Daniel Ybanez – Nay

xix. Maribel Chaluja – Yay

xx. Alex Lastra – Yay

xxi. Daniela Gonzalez- Abstain

xxii. Christina Mellon – Abstain

Passes 6-11-5

d. Mechanical Engineering Department Appropriation

i. Move to strike out completion and insert competition [Fumagali] (Passes)

ii. Move to table appropriation to next meeting for brief description of trip [Parra] (Passes)

XI. Announcements

a. Rules, Legislation and Judiciary meetings after Senate meeting (Doraiswamy)

b. Student Advocacy asks for a list of what is being conducted in committee meetings (Prochnow)

c. Operational meeting today after Senate meeting (Phenelus)

d. No meeting on Sept.7 (Ramirez)

XII. Adjournment at 5:39pm

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