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Senate Meeting Minutes: June 29, 2009

Florida International University • Student Government Association • University Park


June 29, 2009

I. Welcome & Call to Order at 4:08pm

II. Roll Call

a. Altanese Phenelus (Excused Tardy)

b. Stephanie Jimenez (Excused Tardy)

c. Cristina Loreto

d. Katrina Fumagali

e. Marcos Oyola

f. Vignesh Doraiswamy

g. Janice Rubio

h. Daniel Ybanez

i. Alex Lastra

j. Daniela Gonzalez

k. Angela Parra

l. Haidar Hachem

m. Gabriel Medina

n. Alex Alonso (Tardy)

o. Loren Fraute (Tardy)

p. Alexis Fulks

q. Angeline Gonzalez

r. Erica Lovett

s. Maribel Chaluja

t. Stephen Hernandez

u. Christina Mellon (excused tardy)

III. Approval of Minutes (Passes unanimously)

a. Motion to remove Article A under New Business (Passes unanimously)

b. Motion to approve agenda (Passes unanimously)

IV. Senate Speaker Report

a. Short meeting today

b. After Adjournment, break up into committees

c. Committee Goals

V. Chief Justice Report

a. Read by Associate Justice Robayo: “The Chief Justice is out today because he is a board operator at WMCU 1080 AM and was called in to run a telethon at his radio station. The Final Three new Justices for the Supreme Court have been chosen and will be presented to the Senate in the next Senate meeting for a vote.

The Chief Justice, Associate Justice Luis Robayo, the President, Vice President, Speaker, and Speaker Pro Temp, will be meeting with Jose Toscano to tackle the lack of accountability in the current budget process next Wednesday at 4:00pm.

Now that the University Park Campus has been changed to Modesto Maidique Campus, the bylaws and Constitutions must reflect that. The Senate should change the by-laws; the Supreme Court will work on the Constitution.”

VI. Senate Reports

a. Dean Furton secretary called to reschedule to Wed. July 1 (Phenelus)

b. Met with Dean; Dean wants to make Engineering campus more like MM (Hachem)

c. Trying to meet with Associate Dean (Oyola & Parra)

d. Meeting with Dean Beesting tomorrow at 1pm (Lastra)

VII. Announcements

a. Stay here after meeting for instructions on what to do during committee meeting time (Toscano)

VIII. Adjournment at 4:19pm

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