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Senate Meeting Minutes: May 18, 2009

Florida International University • Student Government Association • University Park


May 18, 2009

I.                   Welcome & Call to Order at 4:04pm

II.                Roll Call

A.    Altanese Phenelus

B.     Helena Ramirez

C.     Stephanie Jimenez

D.    Cristina Loreto

E.     Katrina Fumagali

F.      Taylor Prochnow

G.    Marcos Oyola

H.    Prerna Sood (tardy)

I.       Vignesh Doraiswamy

J.       Janice Rubio

K.    Daniel Ybanez (tardy)

L.     Maribel Chaluja (tardy)

M.   Alex Lastra

N.    Daniela Gonzalez

O.    Stephen Hernandez

P.      Christina Mellon (excused tardy)

Q.    Yuniel Molina (tardy)

R.     Haidar Hachem

S.      Adam Johnson

III.             Approval of Minutes (Passes)

A.    Motion to strike number 6 and approve agenda (Passes)

IV.             Senate Speaker Report

A.    Meet and Greet on tomorrow 5/19 in GC 243 from 2-4pm

B.     Retreat on May 29-31

C.     Beginning to record meetings and starting to pass out microphones

Motion to move into New Business (Passes)

V.                New Business

A.    Approval of the Chief Justice: Juan Sebastian Gil

i.      Pro 16- Con 0- Abstain 1

B.     Chair Elections

1. Finance: Marcos Oyola

i. Pro 17- Con 0- Abstain 0

2. Student Advocacy

i. Altanese Phenelus 4 and Taylor Prochnow 12

3. Internal Affairs: Daniela Gonzalez

i. Pro 16- Con 0- Abstain 0

4. Rules, Legislation and Judiciary: Vignesh Doraiswamy

i. Pro 16- Con 1- Abstain 0

C.     Special Elections

1. Arts and Science

i. Daniel Gonzalez 7,  Gabriel Medina 11, Abstain 1

2. Public Health

i. Alex Alonso 17 and Kate Stuart 3

3. Graduate

i. Loren Fraute: Pro 15- Con 5- Abstain 0

ii. Alexis Fulks: Pro 16- Con 3- Abstain 0

VI.             Comptroller Report

A.    Working on Finance Code with Anthony

VII.          Executive Report

A.    Yields floor to Anthony

B.     The words of a student: SGA should be efficient, effective and transparent; doing the work of students and building parking garages

C.     Closed Majors

D.    Budget Cuts 15%—-35% of E&G Funds

E.     Met with John Miller

F.      New garage on July 23

VIII.       Adjournment at 6:04pm

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